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Indie Band The Secret Handshake Stream New Song “Woman” Exclusively on

Secret HandshakeThe Secret Handshake (Luis Dubuc) is presenting the exclusive premiere of “Woman” on right now! The song is off the band’s upcoming full-length, Night And Day, which will be released on August 17th on Triple Crown Records.

“I wanted to take a risk on this record,” Dubuc stated. “I feel like it has the potential to really move people to make people feel good about their situations in their lives.

“It’s a soul record. If there’s ever an all-encompassing Motown revival record, this is it.”

Dubuc is currently on the Motel 6 Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour with Every Avenue, Sing It Loud, and There for Tomorrow. The first single “Domino” is also available for free download via Facebook here:

Night & Day is an album title that truly signposts a major sea change. Night & Day holds fast to its title’s pronouncement of seemingly polar opposites. The gripping melodies are still firmly in place, but that’s where the similarities between Dubuc’s back catalog and his latest creation end.

The indie band is currently on tour:


Jul 21 2010    6:30P             Recher Theatre                     Towson, MD

Jul 22 2010   6:30P             The Crazy Donkey                Farmingdale, New York

Jul 23 2010   6:30P             The Trocadero Theatre        Philadelphia, PA

Jul 24 2010   6:30P             The Palladium                      Worcester, MA

Jul 25 2010    6:00P             Northern Lights                    Clifton Park, NY

Jul 26 2010   6:00P             Xtreme Wheels                    Buffalo, NY

Jul 28 2010   6:00P             Peabody’s Down Under       Cleveland, OH

Jul 29 2010   6:00P             The Mixtape Cafe                 Grand Rapids, MI

Jul 30 2010   5:00P              Sneaky Dee’s                         Toronto, ON

Jul 31 2010    6:00P             Crofoot Ballroom                  Detroit, MI

Aug 1 2010     4:30P             Eagles Club                           Lake Station, IN

Aug 2 2010    6:00P             The Oz Cafe                           Wichita, Kansas

Aug 5 2010    6:00P             The Conservatory                 Oklahoma City, OK



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