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Indie Musician John Mark McMillan Draws Inspiration from Above

JMM_PR1Southern gospel rocker, John Mark McMillan, is singing his heart out for audiences across the country. McMillan said he makes music for human beings and God to listen to.

Based out of North Carolina, McMillan has been playing guitar since he was a teenager. He admits that his original motive for playing was to impress girls. Some of his musical influences include Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, and Wilco. The singer/songwriter honed his skills in the fall of 2001 while strumming on his porch for hours on end.

“I had nowhere to go,” he explained. “I’d weathered a break up that left me questioning my sanity and I’d quit my job at the Olive Garden after a woman cussed me out over the price of cranberry juice. With no work, no relationship, and my ’89 Ford Tempo on its last legs, I found myself emotionally and, otherwise, shipwrecked.

“My whole world was a guitar and everything I wished I’d said.” “I think it was during those months that I learned how to write a song,” he continues, “because that was the year I learned to be honest with God.”

The artist’s new album The Medicine was released July 6th and according to McMillan “…presents portraits of resurrection.”

“More than anything, I think The Medicine explores the implications of resurrection in our everyday lives, even the dead places of our lives that need resurrecting,” he continued. “To his own hurt, Jesus, chose to be a part of our world. Why would we pretend that we don’t bring all our love, loss, and insecurity with us into the conversations we call ‘worship’?

“After all, we don’t serve a God who is unacquainted with grief,” McMillan said. “He is not surprised by or even unfamiliar with the darkness that can plague a human heart. In fact, he specializes at dealing with that sort of thing.”

McMillan’s summer tour is taking him to Enumclaw, Washington to perform at Creation Fest on July 23, 24th, and 28th and then he hits the road again for shows in South Carolina, New Mexico, then up to Pennsylvania.



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