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New Media Pioneer: Joel Gaines of the Joel Gaines Show and Internet Radio Magazine

Internet Radio MagazineInternet Radio Magazine reports on trends happening online in the Internet Radio space. They feature an artist every week.

Q) How long have you been broadcasting/blogging?

A) I was a political blogger for 8 years before I became a broadcaster. We’ve been broadcasting The Joel Gaines Show for just over a year. Because of our experience with Ariel Publicity and the artists we’ve interacted with, we have decided to revitalize Internet Radio Magazine dot com as a more music-based property.

Q) In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?

A) For me to gravitate to a specific song, I have to feel it. I’m not saying I have to be able to relate to the song topic, but I do have to feel like it’s not contrived. Artists who are investing more than time into a track tend to come across more passionately. That’s what I look for.

Q) What is your favorite band or favorite genre of music and why?

A) I have to admit my favorite genre is 70’s and 80’s funk and my favorite band is Journey. Having travelled to nearly 30 countries, I have picked up an appreciation for just about everything. Shuffling my music player might find Hazel O’Connor, Crossfade, G Tom Mac, and George Straight played one after the other.

Q) What changes in content laws, broadcasting rights, etc. have affected you most?

A) I have broadcast under a station license and as an individual internet broadcaster. Trying to stay in license compliance and keeping your music fresh can be price prohibitive for the little guys. I really enjoy the podsafe offering from the fantastic artists Ariel Publicity promotes.

Q) A recent study found blogs to be more effective than MySpace in generating album sales, do you feel that that is a true statement?

A) I think it is true. A blogger has more specific opportunities to attract traffic and it is easier to be a big fish in a niche pond. On Myspace, no matter what you are trying to promote, you are faced with being just another fish in the ocean. I’ve seen social media work for people when they use it as a means to bring traffic to their blog, but it needs to be looked at more as just another tool in the kit.



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