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Indie Artist David Reed Releases New Album, On Tour

DavidReedIn a music world always longing for a new voice, The Private Life of David Reed represents the singer-songwriter for the 21st century fan. South Carolina native David Reed brings everything to the surface with his take on some of life’s most personal things on his new album, which will be released on November 9, 2010 via Chamberlain Records.

Following Reed’s 2008 solo debut, Missteps and Miscommunications, Reed joined his longtime friend and producer Tomas Costanza (The Never Enders, The Anix, Track Fighter) in Los Angeles to record the ambitious ten-song set. The Private Life of David Reed crests on his thought-provoking lyrics, layered with fierce guitar riffs and slight electronic tweaks.

The indie artist aggressively incorporates a wide range of influences that paint his songs with an array of beautiful textures and sounds while adopting a subtle atonality and dissonance. At the same time, Reed captures the words that resonate with one’s deepest emotions.

From the propulsive riffage of “November” and “Sad Day” to lush reflections such as “The Difference” and “Leaving with a California Tilt,” Reed’s soul-searching spirit is unwavering in his quest to bring sincere and direct visuals to the forefront. “Moving Mountains,” a duet featuring Chamberlain Records’ Lola Fontaine, is another album standout that taps into this. Reed praises its intricate shape and focus, claiming it as the best song he’s ever written.

“There are some songs that you define and there are some songs that define you,” Reed said. “Moving Mountains is one that defines me as a songwriter and as a person.

“What I have had to say about my journey on Earth [up to this point] has been said with this song. It’s as personal as it gets.”

From his childhood days of singing in the church choir to fronting the alternative rock outfit, CLOSER, for nearly four years, singing for others is Reed’s forever passion.

During the last two years, Reed has performed at countless bars and coffee shops in and around South Carolina and across the country, as well as several major markets on the East and West coasts, including The Annex in New York City and Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn.

With a scheduled release of November 9th, “November” hitting the airwaves in late August, and a nationwide tour, expect The Private Life of David Reed to be in your area very soon.


Aug 20 2010    7:00P               New Brookland Tavern                                   West Columbia, SC

Aug 21 2010    9:00P               Drink                                                               Myrtle Beach, SC

Aug 27 2010    2:00P               John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Center     Boston, MA

Sep 4 2010      8:00P               Hard Knox                                                       Cayce, SC

Sep 11 2010    6:30P               Red Light Café                                                            Atlanta, GA

Oct 6 2010      8:00P               Club Lyrica                                                      Orlando, FL

Oct 13 2010    8:00P               Safford Main Street                                        Brya, TX

Oct 15 2010    8:00P               Star Bar                                                           Park City, UT

Oct 17 2010    8:00P               Martini Ranch                                                 Scottsdale, AZ

Oct 28 2010    8:00P               Juanita’s                                                          Little Rock, AR

Nov 5 2010      8:00P               Club Relevant                                                  Virginia Beach, VA

Nov 12 2010    8:00P               New Brookland Tavern                                   West Columbia, SC

Nov 13 2010    8:00P               The Hot Box                                                    Lancaster, SC



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