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Indie Band Loomis and the Lust Release New EP, “Space Camp”

LoomisThe world could use a little California sunshine, and Loomis and the Lust is just the band to bring it. The sunny Santa Barbara based quartet will release their sophomore EP, Space Camp on August 10th.

“With all of the traveling we’ve done, we’ve realized that Southern California has a very laidback vibe,” vocalist and guitarist Will Loomis said. “We seem to use that vibe when writing songs.

In one year, since dropping their debut EP, the indie band has received numerous accolades from the press including a feature in Billboard Magazine and being lauded by MTV Iggy as one of the “Top 25 Best New Bands in the World.” They also won the “Artist on the Verge” award by and garnered a $25,000 prize at the New Music Seminar.

Co-produced by Jay Ferguson, Space Camp is fused with dance rock riffs and sun-soaked melodies for a sound that is as upbeat as it is unforgettable. The first video to be release will be for the catchy “A.D.D,” which everyone knows someone who has it, but this song will keep your attention for sure with the hilarious lyrics and “A.D.D” chant.

Good Time Lover” shakes from a bouncy groove into an infectious melody, while first single “Barbarella” swirls seamlessly between a ’60s surf rock chorus and a MoTown stomp. Other tracks such as “Move On” and “Bright Red Chords” could easily be the anthems for an endless summer.

Space Camp captures that California spirit, and Loomis and the Lust aren’t shy about representing.

“The area is about having a good time and enjoying life-not taking things too seriously,” Loomis explained. “We try to capture that in our melodies.

“We want our fans to feel like they are on vacation when they see us play.”

The world will get to share many more good times with the band at Space Camp, as they continue to shine.

“We hope to build on the momentum we’ve started to roll out, and just ride that wave,” Loomis said.

Track Listing:

1. Good Time Lover

2. Barbarella

3. Bright Red Chords

4. Move On

5. A.D.D.



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  1. Ken
    I've heard good things about this EP. Is there a link to listen anywhere online?