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Indie Band The Orbans Announce Release of their Debut Album

The_OrbansThe Orbans are pleased to announce the release of their debut album When We Were Wild.  Produced by Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yo La Tengo, Clem Snide), the album is full of catchy gems that take you on an energetic and eclectic ride of pure pop bliss.

Currently, the album is available on iTunes and other online outlets, and will be released physically later this year.

Having met Adam Lasus while mixing a previous EP, it was an easy step to enlist him to produce the indie band’s first full length album.

“It was always the ideal situation to make a record with Adam,” said singer-songwriter Peter Black,. “We just waiting for the right time to make sure we gave a collection of songs what we felt they deserved.”

After discussing their goals and expectations with Lasus, it was collectively decided to record the album live and no better place than in Austin, TX at Cedar Creek Recording where 17 years earlier Uncle Tupelo had recorded their final album Anodyne in the same manner.

Lasus and The Orbans started preproduction in late summer 2009; working through lists of songs and creating the blueprints for each side they wanted to approach recording.

“The songs were really coming together,” said Cliff Wright, bass player. The band was starting to really dig into them and playing the new songs out live got everyone ramped up for the studio.”

The band settled in amongst a pile of vintage gear at Cedar Creek Recording in October of 2009.  The tape machine started and the magical experience began.

“It was all very fluid and so full of positive energy,” said Black. “We started hanging drawings on the walls and speaking in a language of our own jokes.

“Before we knew it, the basics for the album were finished.”

The project continued, transitioning to Adam’s Fireproof Recording Studio in Los Angeles, for what would amount to a total of 60 days.

The Orbans unique pop style of music that is not afraid to show a little twang and a lot of hooks.  Lead guitarist Kenny Wayne’s endless hooks work magically with Justin Pate’s sweeping and catchy keys to provide perfect bed of sound for Black’s wistful vocals.

The band agrees with the Dallas Observer’s review stating “the debut…is so full of pop hooks that there is almost no discernable lead single on here.”

When We Were Wild is full of singles, drawing comparisons to Big Star, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Ryan Adams.  Listing influences from The Cars to The Rolling Stones to Bill Fay and back through fifty years of rock and roll, The Orbans promise there is something for everyone.  Look for the band on tour this fall with date’s to be announced.

Check out their website for more information about the band.

Here’s a look at the making of the album:

When We Were Wild track listing:

1. New Dress

2. Songs We Sang

3. Were Her

4. Don’t  Lose Yourself

5. Barely Someone Known

6. Left Side

7. Darlin’ My Dreams

8. When We Were Wild

9. Mother

10. Like A Liar

11. Alibi

12. Go



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