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Indie Songwriter Tucker Finn to Release Debut Solo Album

Tucker_FinnCritically acclaimed performing songwriter Tucker Finn, will release her emotionally riveting debut solo album, The Cup & The Lip, on October 26, 2010 via Jane Wayne Records.

No stranger to the musical stage, Tucker was co-creator of the alt-country crooners, The Jane Waynes, commended by press and fans alike for their rollicking shows and songwriting skills. The indie artist’s premiere solo album, The Cup & The Lip, features ten original songs.

The album title, The Cup & The Lip, borrows from an old English proverb, “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”, which cautions that even the best laid plans can go awry. Tucker’s songs are all about that slip – the vast space that lies between anticipation and the upshot, between your lowest low and your wildest dreams.

Formatted as a two-act play, The Cup & The Lip follows its elusive protagonist through a series of small-scale dramas. Our hero rides a ten-speed through damp city streets and bonds with a bust of Elvis, catapults a car skyward and sets fire to a past life. In the final scenes, this underdog adventurer lies face-up on the table, chest cracked open to bare a cold paper heart.

Tucker’s songs have been described as “three minute movies that you don’t want to miss”; no surprise given her background as a feature film set designer and graphic novelist (Baz Luhrmann’s, Romeo and Juliet and Can of Worms, Fantagraphics Books). While her cinematic style may land her, partly, in the Americana camp, her richly embroidered tunes and fresh production also resonate with twenty-somethings who crave smart, insightful lyrics.

The evocative vignettes on The Cup & The Lip, were drawn from a deep well of personal experience. Tucker has channeled everything from recent shock (losing her home in an unlikely car accident) to deep-set scars (growing up adopted in a closed adoption system) into songs that sit right in the hollow of your collarbone. Produced by Tucker Finn and Jason LaPrade, the songs boast a spare atmospheric backdrop that draws you right into the middle of the slip. When combined with Tucker’s lyrical skill, the result is a haltingly powerful and intimate record.

The album will be available for pre-order and purchase a and



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