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Brooklyn’s The Waylons Release New Studio Recordings

waylons1The song-driven four-piece fresh from the studio, The Waylons, try out their new songs for the masses with a show at Union Pool on Monday, September 30th at 9:30 p.m. ($5 admission). The indie band recently released their latest EP, Out of Love, as well as two country songs on Tweet for Track.  They had so much success with this that they decided to release three more studio tracks as a limited CD at their next show.

The Waylons are a NYC rock band, writing and performing music steeped in the traditions of Americana, Britpop, punkrock and folk. There are three guys and a girl drummer, three members are songwriters, and all four band members sing.  While guitars, bass, and drums lay the foundation to the music, pianos, organ, clarinet, accordian, cello, and tambourines contribute to the group’s lush sounds. The Waylons’ music is praised for the level of craft in the songwriting as well as the arrangement of the music – both live and in recordings. The Waylons make music you will like in five minutes and love in five years.

The Waylons are one of the hidden treasures of the New York music scene. They bring something new and singular to the current NYC music world with memorable lyrics, melodies, and harmonies.  The band stays interesting with their catchy-tunes by using diverse songwriting and arrangement styles.  The Waylons have been in the studio working on their new record.

The original country songs can be found here.



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