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diytouringPay attention touring (and hoping to tour) indie artists! Hop onto right now to sign up for an easier road ahead. is the most comprehensive database of venues across the nation.

Whether you’re an acoustic one man show looking for the best coffee shops with open doors to your kind or you’re the most brutal metal band around, has information for you to make booking a virtual breeze.

Partnering with Veil Arms Clothing to offer additional services, the site itself offers a myriad of information on venues ranging from basements and churches to clubs and coffee shops, whatever your band prefers. Not only are the venues listed in an orderly fashion but the establishments themselves have donated their contact information to the site so say goodbye to cold calling! You’re now a part of the same network making connections all the more easy.

Booking for a state or venue you’ve never played or even heard of before? Check out the reviews done by correspondents in the various sites as well as by your peer bands who have played there before. Find out if the sound is good, if the promoter is legit, how the numbers were and more. There is nothing like this out there!

For a small fee your band will have access to this information, putting the power into your hands and making it easier than ever to begin touring or to continue your already successful runs by eliminating unnecessary stops in places that you have never been or know nothing about.

Additional services include: Merch design and printing, publicity and more to come.

Please visit for more information and to sign your band up.



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