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How New Twitter Can Help Indie Artists

twitterRecently, Twitter announced a redesign to the site that will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Besides, have a new design to help manage their profiles, artists can now apply multimedia and their applied content will have more of an impact.

The new design offers a stream similar to a  Facebook feed. Is that a bad thing? No. Users will be able to view tweets and multimedia a lot easier, making artist’s tweets more impactful.

Now when you click on a band’s tweet with the new update, related content will also be displayed in the details pane. The related content will be based on the profile and/or the subject of the tweet.

Partnering with multimedia companies will give artists a better opportunity to showcase their videos. If you tweet a link to a video, for example, it will be embedded and play right in the Twitter stream. Whether it’s a music video, interview, or just photos of the band, artists now have another great outlet to get their projects seen and heard. Twitter has partnered with a group of companies that offer services such as web video and live-streaming video. A list of companies that can help artists that have partnered with Twitter includes:

  • YouTube
  • devianART
  • Etsy
  • Flickr
  • TwitPic
  • TwitVid
  • Vimeo

Mini profiles can help music fans discover new bands a lot quicker. When you click on a bands name in a stream, the band’s account information, including recent tweets and bio can be viewed without having to leave the page you’re on.

Users will be able to choose the old and new versions of Twitter until the updated site is permanently applied. Check out the video below for quick view of the new design.



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