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Kina Grannis’ Fans Come Together to Replace Priceless Family Heirloom

Kina_UkuleleAfter the first show of her tour this past spring, Kina Grannis’ car was broken into and emptied.  Along with boxes of CDs and tour merchandise, Kina lost a priceless family heirloom – her grandfather’s ukulele.

The ukulele, which had traveled with the indie artist and was featured in her set, was never found despite the best efforts of local authorities, family members and a large contingent of Kina’s most active fans – Kinerds – who took to the streets with flyers and scoured the internet in hopes that something might turn up.

Unwilling to accept defeat (or watch a heartbroken Kina take the stage ukulele-free) the Kinerds researched the make and model of the original instrument, visited the factory in Hawaii, and raised a collection to purchase a brand new ukulele.

The gift, custom-made and personalized to the singer-songwriter, was presented to her on the morning that she began her current tour alongside the heartwarming video above, articulating just how touched Kina’s fans are by her music and how this ukulele is an expression of their thanks and gratitude.

Kina Grannis is currently on tour in the US.  Please see for the most up to date tour dates and information.

Check out the video about the project below:



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