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BananaBeat Records Teams Up with Brands Neivz & Winner’s Circle

Cisco Adler’s Bananabeat Records is teaming up with artist Steven Shein’s jewelry line Neivz (pronounced Knives) and Winner’s Circle, Seattle based store and lifestyle brand, to create Bananabeat Records’ first ever Wear The Music Campaign.

Wear The Music is a program initiated by Bananabeat Records that combines free music downloads with limited edition brand pieces to create the ultimate compliment package for fashion forward, music enthusiasts.

Bananabeat Records’ collaboration with Neivz and Winner’s Circle is the first joint offer and it features Chris Young the Rapper. Winner’s Circle is selling twenty limited edition “1991” t-shirts and Neivz is selling twenty limited edition “The 1991 Ring Tone” rings.

The purchasers of these items will receive an exclusive, pre-sale download, of Young’s 1991 EP before it’s released to the general public. The offer begins on 10/7/10 and runs until 10/10/10.



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