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Indie Band Fen Crash Chart Party and Shoot New Video

Vancouver, British Columbia’s progressive alt-metallers Fen has been seeing their first single from Trails Out of Gloom, “Find That One,” getting a remarkable amount of radio airplay, namely on WPMD (Los Angeles, CA), WVBR 93.5 (NY), WKGB 92.5 (NY), WEOS 89.7 (NY), and

The week of October 11th, 2010 showed an even greater growth of support from the music listening community as “Find That One” was seen resting at #19, snuggly between the likes of Bad Religion, Jimmy Eat World, and Arcade Fire on Immensely Modern Alternative Internet Radio’s Top 20 chart.

“It’s a first for us to be charting among bands whose names we’ve heard of,” said guitarist/vocalist Doug Harrison, “For us it’s good, no argument there. But the other bands are probably wondering who the hell we think we are, trying to nuzzle with them in the top 20. Sorry, Known Bands, you’re just too cuddly to resist.”

Meanwhile, Fen has been enthusiastically putting the final touches on their first official video for the follow up single, “Miracle.” Currently, with all of the video footage shot and the puppet “actors” taking five, the band and production team of Mind of a Snail Co are feverishly editing the images and preparing to have the video available for viewing in November. While we await the final product, here are some still shots of the “actors” at work:



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