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Indie Bands: Use Social Media to Help Sell Your Music

Your band has created a website and has applied all the content available for your fans to enjoy.  Now you’re wondering what else you can do to help sell your music. Sign up and stay active on social networks.

That’s right… Posting what you had for dinner on the road, new tour dates, posts on your blog and all the content you have actually can help sell your music. Believe it or not, that type of content is appealing to fans and interested buyers of your music.

How does this help sell music?

Consistent status updates and tweets help keep your fans in the loop and your band’s name on their minds. You never fade away as long as you socialize with them. Social media connects you to fans and it’s free!

The key is to place your band’s website link in the website or description fields on your social media sites. As fans go to your page to view your posts, they will eventually click on your site’s link and browse around for more information and music.

Don’t take these free platforms for granted. Facebook and Twitter are hot right now, so take advantage of them while the hype lasts.

More tips:

  • Share links to your website – music page, photo page, About Us
  • Add links to your updates to give fans content to view
  • Apply photos and video updates

Mixing up all of this content will definitely keep your fans interested and wondering when your next single, EP or album is coming out.



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