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Indie Finnish Band Neufvoin Release New EP

With their fresh Fake Musket EP, indie band Neufvoin has moved towards a more experimental and deeper sound. Polar Song, the first single off of the EP, gives you a walk in a frozen forest where snow scrunches under your feet and the cold sun is rising from behind the fell.

These young Finnish musketeers create a fascinating atmosphere which is a glowing mixture of Broken Social Scene, Efterklang and Sigur Rós.

Neufvoin’s debut release Robokop EP made them one of the most promising indie acts in Finland.

Fake Musket EP was produced by Rubik’s frontman Artturi Taira.

Go to Neufvoin’s blog for more information about the band.

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of the making of Fake Musket below.

Neufvoin: Inside Fake Musket EP from Neufvoin on Vimeo.



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  1. Vera
    Sounds awesome! I'm in love with exotic indie.
    • gighive
      Their music is pretty dynamic.