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Give Your Indie Band an “Edge” on Facebook

Did you know that socializing on Facebook is actually a competition?

The social network gives active users, those who post interactive updates,  a competitive “Edge” over other members.

The content that appears as “Top News” and “Most Recent” in our news feed is there as part of calculated back-end planning by Facebook which they refer to as “Edge.”  The social network favors quality over quantity when it comes to posts. In order for fans to see your updates, you have to have that edge over other posts that are applied at that time.

How do I give my band an edge?

Post updates with links to your band’s website, photos, videos and links to relevant content. Applying this vital content to your updates will help your posts reach your fan’s feeds.

Why should we put in the effort?

Posting interactive and informative updates will get your fans liking, sharing and commenting on your posts, which will tell Facebook’s system how important or popular your posts are to fans.

You want your updates to be the most popular posts amongst the many in a news feed at any given time, which will lead to more exposure in the future.

Why does Facebook do this?

Imagine how bored and overwhelmed we would be if we saw everyone’s status updates, especially with hundreds or thousands of “friends”. Facebook wants us to look around the site at pages, so we come across a variety of ads and games that they want us to click on. This in-turn helps Facebook with their revenue and business end of the site.

Many of your posts probably were not seen by your fans if you have not used this type of strategy on your band’s page. Remember, it’s not how many times you post updates, but what type of content you actually post.

Apply an interactive strategy, especially if you have just started your band’s page. It will help expose your posts and band moving forward.



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