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Socialize with Your Fans on Your Social Media Profiles

One of the misconceptions about using social networks is all you need to do is post content and not interact with fans. This is the wrong angle to take in order to be successful on social media.

For example, did you just receive comments about a post revealing new concert dates on Facebook and not respond to them? Then you’re already failing…

You need to treat a site like Facebook as a party. You don’t want to be the silent person in the corner who blurts out a comment and stays quiet while others converse.

What if fans are leaving negative comments?

Are fans trashing your new single that you recently posted? Follow up with comments about why your band went a different direction with the new music. Give fans a behind-the-scenes aspect, which will help them understand the band’s new sound. Try not to respond negatively toward fan criticism, because that could lead to a backlash. Just help them understand… You never know what will happen. They might give the single a few more listens, like the track and purchase your album.

The point is to keep your fans engaged and let them know you’re listening to their feedback.

What type of content is the most interactive?

It’s not how much you post, it’s the quality of the updates that you’re posting. Videos, photos and links to news about  your band are the most engaging. Take the time to update your social media profiles before the show, after rehearsal or during studio time while other members record their tracks.

Bottom Line: Keep your fans in the loop about your band, but don’t forget to respond to their good or bad comments.



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