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Verbicide Offers Free Special Edition Mixtape of Unheard Songs

Verbicide is giving you access to their latest free digital mixtape. The company worked long and hard with a bunch of fine folks to put together a collection of music that you haven’t heard yet anywhere else.

Featured on this mixtape is a new release from Darryl Jenifer of the legendary hardcore band Bad Brains (courtesy of ROIR). We’ve got the brand new Spokes track, “We Can Make It Out,” courtesy of Montreal-based Ninja Tune. They picked a track from Ottawa-based Philly Moves, winner of the Readers’ Choice Award in the 2010 Verbicide Unsigned contests. They also selected a track from the Judges’ Choice Award winner, Annie Bethancourt.

This mixtape marks the first public release of The Mynabirds’ forthcoming holiday single, “All I Want is Truth (for Christmas)” (Saddle Creek Records). The magazine has also included unheard songs from Broughton’s Rules (Relapse Records), The Sky Life (Deep Elm), Oh Land (Epic Records), and a whole lot more.

Download the free mixtape here.


1. Philly Moves
“Beats Me”
From the album 25 Years
Courtesy of Philly Moves

2. Annie Bethancourt
“Oh, What’s a Girl to Do”
From the album Three Hundred Suns
Courtesy of Annie Bethancourt

3. HeavyFeet
“Here We Go Again”
From the EP Sawdust & Sultanas
Courtesy of Plant Music/Big Hassle Media

4. The Mynabirds
“All I Want is Truth (for Christmas)”
From the forthcoming 7” All I Want is Truth (for Christmas)
Courtesy of Saddle Creek Records

5. Spokes
“We Can Make It Out”
From the forthcoming album Everyone I Ever Met
Courtesy of Ninja Tune/Counter Records/Score Press

6. Darryl Jenifer
“Black Brains”
From the album In Search of Black Judas
Courtesy of ROIR

7. Oh Land
“Sun of a Gun” (Yuksek remix)
Original (non-remix) track appears the EP Oh Land
Courtesy of Epic Records/Big Hassle Media

8. Helen Money
“Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing”
From the album In Tune
Courtesy of Table of the Elements

9. C.E. Lane
“Your Garden”
From the album Meet Me at the Corner
Courtesy of Porterhouse 101

10. New Collisions
“Seven Generations”
From the album The Optimist
Courtesy of Only Love Records/Girlie PR

11. Vonnegutt
“Bright Eyes”
From the EP The Appetizer
Courtesy of Favorite Gentlemen/Purple Ribbon/Big Hassle Media

12. The Glass
“Four Four Letter”
From the album At Swim Two Birds
Courtesy of Plant Music/Big Hassle Media

13. Broughton’s Rules
“Silver or Lead”
From the album Bounty Hunter 1853
Courtesy of Relapse Records

14. The Sky Life
“Reflective Eyes”
From the album Roots And Wings
Courtesy of Deep Elm Records

15. Bad Cop
“Judas the Snake”
From the album New Roughs
Courtesy of ROIR

16. Mall’d To Death
“Migrane Belt”
From the limited edition USB compilation UnderStandablyBroken
Courtesy of GC Records

17. Owen
“Abandoned Bridges”
From the 7” Abandoned Bridges
Courtesy of Polyvinyl Record Co.



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