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Why TweetMeme is Staying Strong Against Official Twitter Button

Do you have a music blog or a blog for your band and are searching for an easy way to market it? Add a tweet button to your posts. Tweetmeme was the featured retweet button used by blogs until Twitter decided to get into the RT game and released their own button.

This had bloggers like us wondering which one was the best to use. Which one displayed better on Twitter? Would the official button offer better results?

We found out that they both do the same job, but there’s one major flaw in the official button. It doesn’t capture the tweet history of older posts.

We took off the TweetMeme button and only had the official button on our posts. Since the number of tweets was totally erased from older posts, people were discrediting the older content on the blog.

What’s the solution?

Place both buttons on your blog posts. TweetMeme has the history of tweets stored, so visitors to your blog can see the number of tweets and in-turn give your posts more credibility. Now visitors are retweeting our older posts using the TweetMeme and official Twitter button.

Applying both buttons gives readers the option to use the button they are most comfortable with, and use the links they like posting to their Twitter profiles. Some users like the way TweetMeme showcases their tweets against the official button, so why not give them the option to choose…

TweetMeme also offers a site for users to search and view the most recent tweets, which helps up-and-coming blogs. This is a key feature to help market your blog, especially in a world of an overwhelming amount of Twitter activity.

What button do you prefer to click on or use on your blog?



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