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Bang Bang Eche Enter Studio, Frontman Releases Solo Album

Zach Doney, frontman for Bang Bang Eche, has surprised the world with a solo album under the moniker Teen Fortress just as the quartet is entering the studio to record its full-length debut. The album is titled Learning (Everything has to End for Some Reason) and is available for free.

Doney returned from the band’s European tour and immediately started work on BBE’s album, but got distracted by other song concepts.

“I kept getting side-tracked by these other songs,” Doney said. “Instead of binning them, I took them to their conclusions and those conclusions are what you hear on [the album].”

The indie artist completed the tracks for the album as fast as he could with “as little explicit introspection as possible.”

“I did everything from dropping the mic at the end of Touring to drawing my best Dia de los Muertos skull on the artwork,” he added. “I mixed and mastered it and then I put it on the internet and opened the doors wide.”

Even though Doney created the songs so quickly that he hardly knows how to play them, he feels he need to make them to move forward.

“I’ve been describing this release as the songs I needed to write to write the BBE album,” Doney explained.

The Teen Fortress album is available as a free download here.



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