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FREE DOWNLOAD: “Hell or High Water” by The Jet Blackk Heart Attack

With the release of the indie band’s debut album, Needle to the GrooveThe Jett Blackk Heart Attack are giving fans a free download of “Hell or High Water.”

Needle to the Groove weaves together a wide range of influences while maintaining the band’s modern take on classic hard rock.

Veterans of the Long Island hardcore and indie rock scene, band members Dave Case, Jonathan Cox, Joe Rubino, and Dave Musser have played in national acts such as From Autumn to Ashes and Helmet. In  2007, Cox, Rubino, and Musser recruited Dave Case and formed The Jett Blackk Heart Attack. Soon, they began playing shows and developing a following. Last year, they were voted runner-up at the Long Island Music Festival.

The Jett Blackk Heart Attack is a band looking toward the future while being firmly rooted in the past, their freshman release Needle to the Groove is evidence of that.

You can download “Hell or High Water” here (scroll down and click on “Download” button under “Download Link”).

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  1. Chucky
    AWESOME!! Thanks for the free download...these guys are great
    • gighive
      No problem, Chucky. Thanks for checking us out.