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GigHive’s Independent Artist Website Initiative

Ready to take the next step

At GigHive, our purpose has always been to build a network to showcase Independent artists of all types. We first went online December 7, 2007 and during that time we have altered our course somewhat, as we strived to fine tune our vision. But our goals have always remained the same.

On December 7, 2010 we at GigHive are launching a new artist website initiative that will be our number one priority as we go forward to 2011 and beyond.

gighive's independent artists website initiative

A little background

Over the past 5 years, we have witnessed explosive growth to sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the once formidable Myspace communities. But the growth of these social communities have come at a huge price as more and more artists have abandoned their own artist websites or decided to forgo the expense of owning a website entirely, opting to sign up for a free alternative instead.

At GigHive, we understand the important roles these sites play in creating a launching platform for new, emerging and established independent artists, but at the same time realize they should have never been used as a substitute. Every time we as individuals follow the leader, the consequence of these actions will be a narrowing of our choices. When we do decide to narrow the field to one, then we will have no choice.

We can’t ignore the past (Corporate Music Industry) and allow the gateway of being seen on the web to be controlled by one source.

Our initiative

gighive logoAs we embark on our third year of existence online, we have decided to take a more important role in the independent artist community. Instead of preaching about the importance of website ownership, we decided to take the initiative and launch a pilot program to get more artists online owning their domain names, websites and to build a network of artists who have 100% control of their traffic, brand and identity.

Starting December 7, we will be offering 100 members (new and current) of our Artist Music Directory GigHive a chance to own their own dot com. Each package will include hosting, a domain name chosen by the artist and purchased by gighive, a site designed to the artists’ specifications, web-mastering and much more in the artist website package

It is our hope we can open the doors to what is possible on the web when there is not one, but many communities to express what the independent artist community can accomplish on the Internet.

Hope you will join us as we continue to spread the word! Many new updates in the works as we approach the New Year…



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