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Indie Artists: Keep Your Social Media Profiles Unified

We receive many submissions from independent artists and bands who want to be featured, but they leave out important information about their projects. So we research their website, blogs and social media profiles to see if we can put the missing pieces together in a timely matter.

Unfortunately, we regularly find that bands are inconsistent with updating their social network accounts. Their websites offer outdated information or just don’t offer the basic information a fan or news/feature writer would be looking for.

Running a band is like a business and keeping your marketing cohesive is important to your exposure.

Aspects to keep updated include:

  • Music: Links to buy
  • Bio: Have a detailed biography available for fans to get a quick background.
  • Photo: Apply the same photo for every profile, so fans can determine if it’s your official page.
  • Tour Dates: Keep dates current

Keeping a news section regularly updated will showcase a confident marketing strategy that will have fans looking at your sites for new information.

It’s always beneficial to keep the information about your band fresh on your website and profiles, so fans and writers can stay informed and updated.



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