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Indie Band Oak & Gorski Will be Featured on Fearless Radio

“Cello Rock” will be taking over Fearless Radio today. Oak & Gorski will be on the show at 6 p.m. ET chatting and playing songs off their soon to be released album, Love Destroyer.

The indie music world is always craving something with a new edge and Oak & Gorski bring exactly what is needed to the table. With Cello as a lead instrument they have created their own unique brand of “Cello Rock” that can be heard in full force on their soon to be released fourth studio album, Love Destroyer.

After raising $13,368 in 30 days on Kickstarter, having three albums under their belt and various placement on TV and film, there is no doubt this is a highly anticipated record. Love Destroyer will be released on December 14 via iTunes.

Ken Oak, vocals and cello, and Ed Gorski, vocals and guitar, have been making music together since 2005.

Listen to the Cello Rock takeover at



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