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Indie Band The Republic of Wolves Release Varuna

The alternative rock 5-piece known as The Republic of Wolves has released their first full-length album, Varuna.

In celebration of the release of their highly anticipated full-length, The Republic of Wolves is streaming the album in its entirety on AOL Spinner.

Fans of His Old Branches, the indie band’s previous EP, will embrace this album for its beautiful melodies and cohesive arrangements.

Varuna does stem away from their last EP, with more experimentation musically including interesting new sounds and effects. With its musical variety and impeccable production, Varuna is a contender as one of the best albums of 2010.

“We all worked very hard on making this album exactly what we wanted it to be, and we’re proud of the result,” said Mason Maggio, vocalist and guitarist. “We wanted to make sure we created something that would be consistent but not boring, and we feel that we succeeded in that.”

The Long Island natives have been one of the most talked about bands in 2010. After an unknown source leaked some of their tracks on YouTube marked under another similar Long Island band named Brand New, they started receiving recognition immediately. Music listeners were thirsty for something new and The Republic of Wolves was it.

After several separate studio and solo projects, The Republic of Wolves including Mason Maggio (vocals/guitar), Gregg Andrew DellaRocca (guitar/vocals), Christian Van Deurs (guitar/vocals), Billy Duprey (keyboard/vocals) and Chris Wall (drums) convened in July 2009 and in just a year created a praised EP, His Old Branches and a highly anticipated new album, Varuna.

His Old Branches, named “the best EP of 2009″ by, was only the beginning. The band wasted no time getting started on their latest musical effort, Varuna.

They started writing for the new album quickly after releasing His Old Branches and after spending a couple months developing a wide range of new material, were recording back in DellaRocca’s basement in May, where they had recorded their first EP.

“We really didn’t have a strict plan or image in mind, and the general sound and feel of the album kind of evolved as we went,” said Maggio. “We brought in all these disparate ideas and kind of allowed them to fall into place as we laid down tracks, and a good portion of the album ended up being written in the studio.”

They will be touring the east coast and will release a follow-up digital EP, The Cartographer in January 2011.

Fans can also download a track off Varuna called “You Missed the Point” for free at You can buy a digital copy of the album at iTunes here and a physical copy at here.

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01. Varuna
02. Woolen Blankets
03. Sea Smoke
04. Oarsman
05. Pitch and Resin
06. Monologues
07. Tuez Le Tous, Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens
08. Greek Fire
09. The Attic
10. You Missed The Point
11. Grounded, I Am Traveling Light
12. Tanzih
13. Tashbih



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