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Is Your Indie Band’s Presence Strong on Search Engines?

Generating an online presence is something that has been ignored by bands that we search for when we look for information on new independent artists. Indie bands and artists generally have one or two sites that they have signed up on, but there’s a lack of vital information.

Since all of the social media sites are free, why aren’t artists taking advantage of this free marketing opportunity?

Your band’s website should be dominating the first page of search results for your project’s name. All of the social media and music websites should be right under it, fighting to take up the first page.

I have talked to some artists about their presence and their response is, “We signed up to most of them, but they are not showing up…” So I ask artists, “Are you keeping your pages updated? Have you added details to the pages so that search engines can crawl the profiles?”

Applying detailed information not only helps fans learn more about your band, but it also key to being captured by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Keeping the information current is also imperative for your online reputation, and makes you or your band appear more legitimate to new fans and media outlets . It’s assumed that search engines tend to drop unused profiles to rank sites and profiles that are consistently active.

Make updating your profiles a part of your regular schedule. Investing a little time to update your social media profiles can go a long way when fans and writers are looking to help expose your band.



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