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Myspace Music Adds Tools for Indie Artists to Connect with Fans, Is it Too Late?

News Corporation’s much publicized analysis of Myspace has put the social network in crunch mode as it tries to find its niche on the Web. With Facebook dominating the user experience and its threat to move into the music industry, Myspace is struggling to keep up.

Creating a partnership with ReverbNation by adding new tools for artists to interact with fans is the latest idea to give the site an identity.

I received an email stating:

At Myspace Music we are committed to your growth as an artist. Today we are excited to announce new artist tools to help you improve your interaction with your fans.

Myspace now offers:

  • Stats: Artists can track statistics, view fan age & location and more.
  • FanReach: Captures e-mail lists, so it’s easier to send mass messages.
  • New Artist Profile Design Guide: Helps guide artists through the new design.

Is there still a network of fans using Myspace, or are the fan counts a bunch of irrelevant numbers?

With a whole new user interface, the social network is trying to become a user favorite- again.

I recently logged in to my profiles and saw that the same bands and companies were spamming my “Highlights.” That just killed the experience for me. This was after a few weeks away from the site, because I saw no benefits for me to browse the site.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to have a Myspace profile, because the link is still strong on search engines. Even though the network may be decreasing in terms of active users, its marketing value is still relevant since Myspace profiles appear at the top of search results.

All of these moves spark many questions… What is Myspace becoming? Is it for friends to connect with each other? Is it for bands to find fans?

Does Myspace know what it’s going to be in the near future, is the real question.

Is your band continuing to see positive results from Myspace?

Check out a video of the tools below.

New Tools For Artists From Myspace Music

MySpace Music: Artist HQ | Myspace Video



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  1. Pretty much all the tools on myspace comes from Reverbnation. So why not just sign up there? Myspace has the advantage of a known name and customizable profile page......oh...wait......Myspace changed those things!....