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What is Music Xray Doing for Indie Artists?

If your goal is to sign with a major label, get music licensing deals or try to receive a production contract then Music Xray is an outlet that can help you.

Since officially launching in January of this year, Music Xray has helped artists get their music licensed on CBS, get signed to record deals, production deals and more. Be sure to check the success stories section of the site for a few of the deals we hear about.

Music Xray does not pre-screen your music. You submit directly to the professionals listed on the site. You are guaranteed that they listen and you receive confirmation when they do. Music Xray does not take a cut of your deals.

Occasionally, they create opportunities for you in partnership with labels and other entities.

The website recently announced that 17 artists and their songs have been selected for the major label-backed Music Xray Compilation – Great Tracks by Independent Acts. All artists will receive royalties from sales of the compilation. It will be released across the UK in late January 2011 and three songs will be aggressively promoted to radio.

A few of the artists selected include: Brave Chandeliers, Ben Novak, Simon Fagan, The Loomers, 9Giants, Val Broeksmit/Andrew Jackeri and more.

The next volume is already in the process of being created so submit your music for free here.

Be sure to get the Music Xray musician user guide here.

Have you submitted your music to the website? If so, did it help boost your project?



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