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The Downfall of Myspace Will Give Independent Artists One Less Marketing Outlet

The recent news about Myspace is affecting the user experience. We view social media profiles to discover news and updates about independent artists. We have run into artist’s Myspace profiles that have either been deleted, have broken links or have “error” messages.

Recently, we have had negative experiences when we try to even get into Myspace.  Freezing occurs when we try to navigate through Myspace using Firefox. We are now having the same issue with Google’s Chrome.

With the layoff of 500 employees, News Corp. is trying to find a new buyer for the site. Myspace Music is obviously suffering because of their recent decisions.

After reading comments posted on articles, it turns out that we are not the only users running into navigation issues.

With Facebook dominating the user experience and its threat to move into the music industry, Myspace has struggled to keep up.

Myspace recently created a partnership with ReverbNation by adding new tools for artists to interact with fans.

Myspace now offers with the partnership:

  • Stats: Artists can track statistics, view fan age & location and more.
  • FanReach: Captures e-mail lists, so it’s easier to send mass messages.
  • New Artist Profile Design Guide: Helps guide artists through the new design.

With a whole new user interface, the social network has tried to become a user favorite- again.

Despite Myspace’s efforts, Indie Artists are now searching for the next best platform including ReverbNation and Facebook.

Will Myspace Music ever be trusted again by artists? Will the site gain new ground once they sell if off and regain relevancy under a new start up management?



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