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Use to Create Your Next Album is taking crowdsourcing to a new level to help independent artists create music. The platform offers a record store for artists to have their physical (vinyl records for now) album available for fans.

Hifidelics gives music fans (members of the site) the experience to see the progression of creating a record. They will be updated with blog posts, videos and photos. This gives fans the opportunity to give feedback about the on-going results. The site hopes to give fans what they want to hear from their favorite artists.

The website is determined to give fans quality results. From the production of the album to the packaging that is wrapped around it, Hifidelics is focusing on excellent presentation of the product.

Bands and artists who are planning an album release are encouraged to register on the site. Music fans are also welcome to help their favorite bands move forward with their projects.

There is a 60/40 split for album sales through Hifidelics. Before operation and labor cost payments are paid, bands get 60% of profits and 25 free copies of their album after production costs. The remaining 40% of sales helps Hifidelics with operational costs.

Here are some guidelines if you are interested in registering your band, according to the blog:

  • All music must loosely fall into one of these three genres: Rock, Hiphop and Electronic.
  • We’re not looking for good music, we’re looking for greatness; preferably something along the lines of groundbreaking.
  • Artists must be in, at the very least, the planning stages of a new release, and have a concept in mind. We will have a professional designer assist you.
  • Must have songs prepared.  Artists are responsible for their own recordings (it’s not part of the funding).
  • Having a decent size following and/or mailing list will be very helpful. Keep in mind, each release must reach a financial goal before it goes into production.
  • Artists must be regularly active online (social sites, forums, etc.)
  • All releases will be in the quantity of 500 units, never to be released in this format again. Of course the music belongs to the artist, but to keep the album special it cannot be released in this manner again.
  • Artists must be willing to keep their project page/journal updated with the process; including photos and videos. We’re committing to these projects and we expect the same type of commitment from artists.

The site is on an “Invite Only” basis for their private beta launch. Go to to sign up.



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