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How to Be ‘Likeable’ by Your Fans on Facebook

Facebook has become another platform for indie band’s to easily interact with fans. It’s more than just posting general information about your band. You can use it as a free marketing tool.

Interact with Your Fans

Are fans commenting on your status updates? Comment back at them… Just a few words from the band means a lot to a true music fan. Then fans will tell their friends how ‘cool’ your band is and how you get back to your fans on Facebook. The 15 – 30 minutes per day it takes to write comments can really help market your band at no cost.

Ask fans questions to help the interaction. For example, you can ask them about their day or what single they liked off of your last album. Heck, you can even ask them what movie you should go watch that night. This type of interaction is priceless to a fan. Imagine if your favorite bands did the same thing. How stoked would you be?

Post Great Content

Give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the band. Take photos or video of the band in the studio, hanging out, at a music video shoot, etc. You want to invite fans to comment on your page.

Do you currently have a contest running? Let fans know about it on your profile. You can announce the winners and let them know what they have won. This could get more fans to sign up for your next contest.

Get Feedback from Your Fans

Are you working on an album and don’t know what cover to use? Or are you wondering what song you should make a video for? Are there a few t-shirt designs you’re not sure of? Post the options on Facebook and have your fans select it for you. This type of buzz can help sell more merchandise, help spread the word about your new video, etc.

Bottom Line

Overall, Facebook offers a free realm to socialize with your fan base. In-turn they create more loyal fans and gain new ones without having to touch your band’s fund.



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