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New Media Pioneer: Heather Smith of Rubyfruit Radio

Rubyfruit Radio is a podcast that features only female artists and female fronted bands. There are also periodic features on the Facebook Fan Page and on the website. Sometimes, Rubyfruit Radio includes “token boy” features which usually consist of a video posted on

1. You have aired over 100 shows so far, what keeps you going, why do you want topromote artists?

I like hearing new music and I like sharing music I find with people around the world. I sometimes look at the show as being my mixtape for the masses. I used to make mixtapes for friends of music I would stumble upon and this is not different. The internet just takes it to a much larger scale.

2. How long have you been broadcasting?

The first episode of Rubyfruit Radio was in November of 2005. I have a background in radio as a dj and a producer and I used the podcast to get back into that.

3. In your opinion, what does a good song need to consist of?

A good song needs a good beat and a good melody, even songs that aren’t necessarily thought of as being melodic like punk. Great lyrics also don’t hurt.

4. I see that you did two of Ariel’s artists in your last episode, KaiserCartel and Carla Lynne Hall, what was your reason for choosing these musicians and what do you think of Ariel’s artists?

KaiserCartel and Carla Lynne Hall both fit perfectly in with the type of music that I play on Rubyfruit Radio. Carla Lynne Hall is an amazing artist who has been on my list of people to play for a while, but I was saving her for this particular episode. Likewise, the first time I heard KasierCartel, I immediately fell in love with their sound. I saved both of these artists for episode 142 because they are both based in NYC. I recently moved from Atlanta to NYC and did a special episode where I only played NYC based artists.

Overall, I have never seen an organization with such such a high calibur of artsts. I’ve played many Ariel artists in the past and have many set to go for future shows.

5. How can Ariel’s artists reach out to you to try and get their songs put onto one of your new episodes, what are you looking for?

First and foremost, the artists need to be female or be a female fronted band. I play a wide variety of genres on the show from alternative to folk to country to punk so there is a place for almost anyone. They can send me an email at with an mp3 or a link to their Facebook or Myspace profiles and we can go from there.



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