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New Media Pioneer: Michael Moss of Post It Cast

1. What was the inspiration behind starting the Post It Cast?

As someone who is constantly following and learning about things old and new, I was commonly asked why I didn’t make more of these things that I came across available to share with others. With that motivation and extraverted personality was the direct motivation to start up The Post It Cast and expand it in terms with a podcast,video,blog,Twitter, And Facebook Groups/Social Network to expand the show beyond just the Podcast.

2. Do you have one show that you’ve done that you think is better than all the others?

As for one particular show/post that I have done being better than the others, well that would have to be the very next ones I do :) I’m always learning how to expand and make my content more meaningful and as I continue to do so, I believe that it makes the show look better and better with each and every cast/post.

3. If you could interview any living artist, who would it be?

There are many artists I would love to interview that are still living. At this point in time, the one I would love to interview more than anybody is Russell Hitchcock the lead singer of Air Supply. His longevity and voice has fascinated me for a long time. His (And the groups) ways of staying revelvant after being together for 35+ years (And both the main vocalists now in their 60s), is truly amazing their love of the music and their fans.

4. What do you think is the role, if any, of podcasters in helping independent artists gain more recognition?

Podcasters, Bloggers, etc have a huge impact on Indie Artists. Most artists (Even Mainstream) will tell you that the biggest thing that they strive for is to connect with people/future fans and be revelvant. With Indie artists in particular, the amount of promotion options are a bit more limited so having a network setup via people that are pretty much like they are in terms of their familiarity between the world of people at hand is a direct way to get their music heard and to connect with fans.

5. What is the goal of your Podcast?

The goal of the Post It Cast as a whole is to show people just how amazing and varied our world really is. People say these days that there isn’t much hope in the world. I’m here to show them how much hope there really is and the beyond any number of things that they can have an interest/hobby in. Teaching folks about our past history is also vital in learning how we got to where we are now and where we could go in the future starting with you.

6. What are your favorite Podcasts to listen to?

I am constantly listening to new podcasts. My favorite ones I would have to say our Uncommon Sense, ESPN Football Today, No Agenda, Trucker Tom, Eds Mixed Bag, And Tom Harris Live to name a few

7. Do you think Podcasts have to potential to replace terrestrial radio?  If so, what do think the timeline would be for that?

As for podcasts (And all new media for that matter) it will have the opportunity to make some of the mainstream forms of media potentially become less relevant with time. The only way in the future mainstream is going to be able to keep up with Indie Media and the like is if they adapt to where the people are going to these days. And more and more of them with time are getting their basics (News, Weather, Entertainment) in rapidly growing numbers from Podcasts,Blogs,Videos, And Social Networking sites.

8. What do you do when your not running Post It Cast?

When I’m not looking up or working on content for the Post It Cast, I like to play Xbox with the kids, sing, And visit places historic and Amusement Parks. When I have the opportunity, I like to Storm Chase for Tornadoes as well.

9. Do you have a favorite song of all time that you’ve played on your Podcast?

Again a tough one there. I would say my all time favorite song I have heard in Podcasting would have to be Blown Away By Munk

10. If your Podcast could cover just one artist, who would it be?

Mainstream Artist: Air Supply, Elton John, Gaither Vocal Band. Indie: Karmyn Tyler, Munk, Jeanette Parasadanian to name just a few :)

11. Between blogs, podcasts and internet radio stations, do you believe one source of media is more influential than the others?  Why?

I believe all of those working in concert together are essential. They both can have their own advantages, but after a while if you only stick to using one of those forms of media, you can become irrelevant really fast.

12. What do you think makes your podcast stand out from all the others?

I believe my podcast (And all the media tied to it) is different simply from the fact that I put my own perspective on things. People commonly are surprised just how many different things in this world I can become interested in and I want to share those with as many people as possible for as long as I can :)



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