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Use UStream to Help Market Your Indie Band

UStream is a cost efficient tool for independent bands and artists to give more than expected to their fans. From impromptu concerts, to exposing a new single or just looking to receive feedback about a track you’re working on, UStream is a great outlet for bands to just simply market themselves.

Why not give your fans the ability to watch you play an acoustic set while they eat lunch? Alex Dezen of The Damnwells actually pulled this off. I don’t know if it’s been done before, but what a great idea. Dezen let fans know about the concert via Facebook and Twitter about 30-minutes before he went live. Fans were quick to respond and log in to their UStream accounts to enjoy the free show. He responded to the live chat and took requests from those who participated.

The website would also be a great way to showcase a new single. Indie artists hardly have a budget to market themselves, so why not use the site to play the tune for your fans to enjoy. This will help gain exposure and news about the new single that is available to purchase.

Are you questioning a few tracks before demoing the songs? Play them for your fans to criticize on the site. Take the feedback and roll with it. Good or bad, this gives you another outlet to be sure you are getting everything right.

Just give your fans a heads up through your social media profiles ahead of time, so they can prepare to watch your performance. Remember to pay attention to the live chat during your streams for any productive criticism.

Have you tried using UStream to showcase your band? If so, what did you do?



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