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Finnish Indie Band Neufvoin Showcase New Track

Finnish independent band, Neufvoin, releases a new noisy single, “Drunken Captain,” off from their Fake Musket EP. The driving tune sails through a hypnotic storm of echoes combining their pop sensibility with fresh shoegaze sound.

“It’s a journey in the middle of the ocean of echoes,” said Anssi Neuvonen, the indie band’s frontman. “Huge drums and a twisting bassline guide the ship while the flag flaps high above us.”

“Reflections of shoegaze here, glints of the 1990’s there and a fata morgana of Kevin Drew on the horizon.”

To get a free download, visit the New Music Community website. Listen to the single below.

“Drunken Captain” is available on iTunes and Spotify.



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