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Independent Artists Ignore Free Advertising Offered by Search Engines

search listingsIndependent artists that decide to take the next step and host their own websites are thinking about online promotion, branding, marketing and getting the word out on their own terms. Whether it’s for music, shows, announcements, etc., many do so without taking full advantage of what many search engines have to offer. And that would be how they scan and display information contained on the back-end of your website.

Page’s meta title and meta descriptions tags.

I call it some of the best advertising and promotion there is on the web… And it’s free!

Hear me out… When I am searching for a new artist on the web, in most cases I usually start my search with general keywords terms, such as female dj, singer/songwriter, hip hop producer, mastering engineer, lead vocalist and so on.  Most people who search on the web use general keyword terms or phrases to find what they are looking for. So the same thing holds true when fans are searching for a particular type of artist in the general sense.

But you would be surprised to find how many artists bypass page titles and descriptions on their personal websites. You combine that with the lack of control we have on personal pages such as Myspace, Twitter, Facebook etc., and you end up with listing results that read, “Artist Name Official website,” “Artist Name Facebook,” “Artist Name Twitter,” “Artist Name Myspace” and so forth.

Here is my case in point from an artist we recently featured on theBuzz. I crossed out the artist’s images and the name of the artist.

Google artist listing

So what does that mean? If I am searching for a “singer-songwriter” on Google, Yahoo or Bing and the “singer-songwriter” and is not taking full advantage of page titles and descriptions, it means you can’t be found easily. Which means that I won’t be able to: find you, fan you, like you, tweet you, follow you or put you on my list. In most cases you will not come up on my search for “singer-songwriter.”

I won’t get into the details of how to implement meta tags, because there are so many useful resources on the web to help argue my point about the importance of utilizing them. Maybe I will do so in another post breaking it down for artists.  What I will do is get you started on the road of grabbing the concept and creating a new advertising channel for your brand and bringing in new traffic to your website.

Say for instance, I had to spend $100 of my hard earned money to take out an ad to sell my car in a newspaper or to post it online. In essence, what most artists are doing online is:

Title: Used Toyota for Sale
Description: This is the place where you can buy and sell used cars.

You just wasted your money on ad that offers no benefit to the person reading it or giving someone any incentive to click on it.

But artists get online everyday without ever giving a second thought about how new fans will find them on the Internet. The Internet is where millions of pages and artists are being added to search indexes everyday, so it’s important for you to stand out.

So when you get a minute, take the time to really think about what makes you unique as an artist. What sets you apart from the crowd? It could be your particular genre, where you live, how you perform, a specific skill set you like to showcase or the instrument you play.

So instead of a title and description that reads:

Title: Jane Artist | My official Page
Description: Come and check out my new videos

It should read something like this (notice the keyword “singer-songwriter”):

Title: Acoustic folk-pop singer songwriter from Chicago, IL – Jane Artist
Description: Jane Artist is a renowned acoustic guitarist, singer/songwriter and storyteller whose unique and insightful songs resonate with audiences around the world.

Which one would you click on as a fan?

So stay tuned for my next post in getting into the details of meta tags and title/descriptions for independent artists.



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