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Independent Band The Fire Apes Release New Album

South Carolina pop/rock act, The Fire Apes, have released their highly anticipated new album, A Life In Letters.

The indie band is fronted by lead singer, songwriter and guitarist, John Seymour, who often writes metaphorically about love and relationships using literary references, musically framed with melodic hooks.

His music and words can elicit feelings that range from joy and happiness to commiseration and longing. He credits The Beatles, Oasis, Green Day, The Pretenders and Fountains of Wayne as strong influences. “A Life in Letters” is guaranteed to be the summer music must have of 2011.

Even though A Life in Letters has not yet been formally released, tracks from the album have already made there mark on the public with features on MTV’s “The Hills” and ”Parental Control.”

In addition to Seymour’s stellar singer/songwriting skills, the album was produced by a mix of the industry’s finest including Shinedown’s multi-platinum bass player/songwriter – Eric Bass, platinum producer- Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy, The White T’s, Hawthorne Heights) and Fountains of Wayne guitarist Jody Porter. The album was mixed by O’Keefe and John Holbrook, the latter being the well-known mastering engineer of The Who’s ”Tommy” and Jimi Hendrix’s ”Electric Ladyland.”

Two stand-out tracks are ”Hey Kate!” and ”It’s Over” that will have your head moving and your feet pounding. Stay tuned for the live video release of “Hey Kate!” which will be out soon.

The Fire Apes will be touring in support of “A Life in Letters” this summer.


  1. It’s Over
  2. Killing Me from Inside
  3. Hey Kate!
  4. ‘Cause You Don’t
  5. If Things Don’t Look So Good Today
  6. Only You Could Make Me Happy
  7. Don’t Break My Heart
  8. 3 O’Clock (So Long)
  9. i
  10. Lori
  11. 6 ½ Years

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