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Why Google Music Store Can’t Launch with Only Indie Labels & Artists

Google music has finally launched, but they are delaying the launch of the music store. The company is waiting for major labels to sign on. Why can’t Google launch the store with only independent artists that have signed on?

There are plenty of unsigned and indie artists who are worthy of their service, but mainstream is still the money-maker for any new service. Here’s why…

  1. They are probably worried no one would pay much attention to the store without favored majored artists.
  2. Most consumers only search for music that they know. They won’t waste their time sifting through unknown artists to find the next big thing.
  3. It would be harder to sign the major labels after a launch.

Google music is “free for a limited time” and is an invite-only service. The streaming service has a layout similar to iTunes. Users can upload their own music to a cloud-based directory and access it via Android devices.

Check out an introduction of the service below.

Rumored: The proposed plans are to offer a basic digital music retailer concept with a twist. The company is hoping to provide an innovative cloud-based service where consumers can have their music in a “locker” for $25 per year. Music in the “locker” could be downloaded or streamed by an internet connected gadget.

Do you think Google can launch the service without major labels? Will you use the service after the free offer?



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