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Google Plus Offers the Simple Things for Independent Artists to Market – Part 1

“Hang Out” with your fans on Google Plus. Really, you can… Not only can you share and create “Circles” for certain fans, you can also select a group of fans to live chat with.

All you need is a working camera and mic set up for your pc to have a live conversation with some lucky fans.

Sounds too easy? It is… and that’s why Google Plus is going to be a huge competitor against Mysp… I mean Facebook. They are keeping it simple for all users, but offer features you need to keep up-to-date with your fan base.

The social network already has 10 million users and it’s growing quickly. The invite-only network seems to be doing everything right for your fan-base join. From the interface to the mobile app, Google Plus seems to have gotten it right this time.

I know it’s hard to see with so many users, but Facebook seems like it’s losing traction. I’ve personally have a couple hundred friends, but the same 15 keep posting every day. Yes, I have switched the option to view “All Friends Updates”.

Google’s social network is going to make this whole social experiment interesting.

Stay tuned for Part 2…



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