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Hip Hop Artist Keldamuzik aka Diva takes over Antigua with Saga 51 TV & Super Power

Keldamuzik aka DivaDiva has always put herself in the public eye using different tactics to obtain the buzz she deserves for her music career. Instead of the same old music campaign and chasing down industry insiders, Diva created “The Cultural Exchange Tour”, to grab the attention of promoting her artistry in local, national and international areas. From working with Caribbean artist such as Kirk Brown, Ku-J and DJ Outkast; to being featured in Germany’s Shuffle Magazine and a special guest on Australia’s Kiss FM; Diva has been more than welcome to bless each country with her presence.

As of late, “The Cultural Exchange Tour” has lead Diva to tour countries such as Antigua, which took place July 16th – July 28th, and landed Diva a feature in the Antigua Observer. Special thanks to Ben & Alexander Isaac of Super Power, and Daddy aka Lester Buffong of Saga 51 TV; Diva worked closely with both brands and performed alongside with Andy Livingston at the launching of the Heroes Music Festival held at Jolly Beach Hotel July 18th, presented by Super Power and Saga 51 TV, which was a private event and hosted no more than 60 special invitees and close associates of the TV station. The actual festival will take place Oct 29th, featuring Diva, Reggae star Jah Cure, Jamaica’s up and coming Andy Livingston and Antigua’s finest Sir Oungku Edwards.

Keldamuzik takes over AntiguaThe purpose of Diva participating in this launching, was for her to be the face of the Saga 51’s new media brand as well as off set the Heroes Music Festival Oct 29th. As the face and spokesperson of their project for the portion of this tour, Diva participated in numerous festivities to represent Saga 51’s brand in Antigua including a performance on Good Morning Antigua, special meet and greets with the youth of the Steel Drum Band and interviewing some ofAntigua’s wealthiest politicians. Diva also made an appearance in the hood and gave back to the community as well as cross promoting with clothing company Cool and Smooth for sponsorship purposes.

Special thanks to Don Official, Saga 51 TV, Super Power Electronics, Jolly Beach Resort, Cool And Smooth, Good Morning Antigua, Going Places Travel, Arica West, Chefs 2U Events!

Follow up tour dates of “The Cultural Exchange Tour” include:

Grenada from September 13th – 19th

Antigua Oct 27th – Nov 1st

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