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What is the Future of the Music Industry? Or is it Already Here?

It is obvious that over the past twenty years the landscape of the music industry has fundamentally changed with:

  1. The invention of the internet (decades earlier) spawning the world wide “web” and the social mobile web we use today.
  2. The rapid rise of the mp3 as the web standard for music sharing.
  3. The transition of full-length albums to music singles.
  4. The plummeting cost associated with creating professional sound recordings.
  5. New software and hardware that removes many of the technical barriers associated with creating great songs and music videos.
  6. A new generation (or two) under the age of about 30 who accepts that free music has become the model for consumption.
  7. Social networks giving artist access to an array of promotional/ publicity services, and music professionals in the industry.
  8. Social media bringing back the word of mouth ole school peer to peer networks on steroids.

future of music industryWelcome to the future of music where we are now experiencing the birth of a DIY music generation of artists who will only be bound by the limits of the imagination, and are free to create and market music in entirely new ways.

Their playground is the web and it has become the breeding ground for new distribution channels; with social media leading the way and becoming the latest instrument used by artists to control the future of their commercial success.

As artists continue the transition online, the future industry will become smaller, social, more niche based and consumer-driven. The most successful artists will have business savvy, possess an entrepreneur spirit, and have the strength of character to see things through in the long term.

The future technologies in music are yet to be discovered, but the basic fundamentals in which every artist can now explore to its fullest potential are already here and have been for quite some time.

In a nutshell, it basically comes down to the artist having the patience to learn the process of creating great music and at the same time discovering what it takes to build a recognizable brand.

It is a tall order, but when you consider what it takes for an artist to get signed to a major label (past and present), and become one of the very few who are successful in the industry…( I hope you get the picture)

Artist personalities that can resonate with the public, artistically connects fans to strong imagery (personal websites, music videos, logos, art, photographs, live performances) and produce great music that can stand the test of time, while capturing the heart/imagination of fans… is the future of music; regardless of whether they are independent or a major act.

This could not have been accomplished twenty years ago by fully independent DIY music artists. It wasn’t possible at the time. But times are changing. It is no longer about the corporate industry needing to reinvent itself; it is more about individual artist learning the business behind the music and leading a new generation.

The artist brand, like with any other business brand is the one constant that separates the independent DIY artists from the most successful acts in the music industry. Technology has changed the game, but the business fundamentals have remained the same. It is about creating, marketing and selling a product, so many artists will have to learn to become their own business and brands.

Only when the DIY music industry artists can tap into the energy it takes to build a brand from the ground up, will many aspiring artists learn to rewrite their futures.

The Future of the Music Industry is Now! Are You Ready?



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  1. This was a very powerful article! Music Industry Reform is now on its way. AhMuse Industry Recording Association Of America; where even the musicians get a royalty. A new platform and business model administered by a non -profit organization (AIRAA). If I pay for equipment, pay for studiio time, pay for musicians and spend countless hours on creating songs; then why should I have to give it away for free? The AIRAA is music industry reform and its here! 
  2. Anonymous
    Music will always be here, it's much to vital in the life of almost every human being in one shape fashion or another, simply putting it, "WE NEED MUSIC". Music is the human glue fabric of life, it's vibratory and if you know metaphysics, then you feel me. The method of delivery to consumers has changed and will keep changing with innovation. So to answer your question is the future of music here, No! it's always evolving. Who am I? The "Silver Conductor" at: Remember:"Always know who loves you" The "Silver Conductor"