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Independent Artists: It’s Still About Networking and Promoting

If you’re trying to find a new band member, promote your latest release or your upcoming gig, expanding your network and promoting is the key to success. You can’t be content with your current fan base or the current venues you play in if you want to be heard.

What can you do to keep your music career moving forward?

Have an aggressive plan on social networks: Build a bond with your fans who are the core of your success on Facebook or Twitter. Let them know day-to-day events or ask them where they would like to see you play. The time you spend online can go along way with music fans.

Contact venues outside your current sphere: Analyze where your band can play 50 miles away from current your area. But don’t stop there – take the extra step to find out if new venues have opened up since you last searched for places.

Hand out flyers or promo cards in a different area of the city: Instead, posting or handing out flyers in the same areas, drive an extra 25-50 miles to find new territory to promote.

Create a relationship with music bloggers: You can easily email bloggers about new tour dates or about your latest single or CD release. Getting exposed online opens your band up to a whole new audience. Give the blogger(s) all of the details possible and current contact information. Keep sending in the information in an organized platform, or conduct an online search about how to write a press release. Be consistent with your emails to have a better shot of being featured on the blog(s).

Do you feel that your band is at a stand-still or are you trying to enhance your indie music band’s presence? Brainstorm. Come up with new ideas to market your band or project. Thinking outside of the box is what’s going to get you noticed.

Has your band done something outside of the box that has been successful? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.



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