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Why your Facebook Friends Hate You!

facebook unfriends dislike You know that Facebook page you always check in on? The one that has interesting updates, good videos, great blogs and cool pictures? You know that one that even if you don’t see an update on your main page, you will still type in that page just to check in?

Now how about this for another set of questions…you know that page you can’t stand? The one that puts up the worst stuff, over posts, has those multiple repeat posts of the same updated two to four times, spams you with show schedules, invites to groups over and over again, excess hype and other annoying updates?

And for whatever reason, you have you have not unfriended them. Whether it is being nice or feeling guilty or maybe you have unfriended them and they added you again and you accepted them. Maybe you keep them as a friend but you block them and honestly have no idea what they are up to.

Now the real question.

Which one are you?

You know those people and hopefully you aren’t one of them…The ones that brag about having this many followers, this many friends and this many connections and yet they wonder why they aren’t getting people to their shows or selling their music and merchandise?

Simple Answer.

They don’t like you or more than likely, they like you but can’t stand your updates. Don’t get me wrong, it works for some people. But you have to ask your self….

Are you selling music, downloads and music albums online the way you want to be? When you announce a show, is the place packed? When you announce a download, whether free or for purchase, is it being downloaded? Are you taking the best steps forward or the worst ones backwards?

It can be hard to figure out Facebook and the other social networks as well as the reasons why something works for one person and doesn’t for another. A great deal comes down to the marketing, a great deal comes down to person style but still, there are other elements both inside and outside of marketing that might be hurting you and your sales.

So the five reasons your friends hate you on facebook. And again, I was going for the drama element. I am sure they love you, but either hate or are just sick of your postings.

1. You post ten times a day.

The over posting can make fans and friends runaway or at least block you. Try to be one of those pages that puts up important and strong information, pictures and videos and then be patient and save some posts for another day. If you have a page that is about your music, something to grow fans, sell and push your shows and your products, lighten up on the “Im driving and the traffic is terrible” or “I just had breakfast” posts. One – I don’t and most others really don’t care what you ate for breakfast and two – PUT THE PHONE DOWN WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!!!!

2. You have the apps from hell all over your site.

When I see requests to add this app, play this game, check out this app and then I get a request to check out a show from your band, all in the matter of an hour, you are turning me and many others away. Keep the apps for a personal page. Your Farmville stats will not make you famous or make you money. Also inside the excess of apps are bugs and that is when you get spam messages from other people through these apps and that can just piss people off.

3. it kind of ties in to number two. Your updates are boring or pointless.

Think before you post if you are using Facebook as a marketing tool for your music. Would you care to read that post on some one else’s wall? Is the fact that you love pizza really that helpful in the sense of building your fan and sales base?

4. Pointless and excessive promotions.

I just got this many followers on Twitter or I just reached this many fans on Facebook are not all that helpful. Especially since you can buy followers these days. Talking about being number one on this chart or that chart is getting crazy and out of hand. Hell you could create a music chart and say you have been number one on it for weeks. On the other hand, sitting on the top of a Sound Click chart where people have listened to you but have not downloaded the song or are not buying your music isn’t helping you all that much, so why advertise it? It can come off too arrogant and at the same time push people away.

Now including those stats in longer blog updates are a little different and can be a little stronger. But just because you reached this ranking or that ranking on this website or that website really isn’t going to draw some one in all that much that is already a friend or fan.

5. Over inviting and limited information for your invites.

I am tired of being invited to shows all over the world that I cant make. When you put together an invite to a show, at least have the decency to set the parameters of the invite to a localized or state wide radius. After too many invites to shows that someone cant go to, they are just blocking your invites and this is why even when you are closer to them, they are not coming.


Lastly, give a who, what, where, why and when to your show posting. Be professional, explain something special about the show. I saw one girl who listed eight shows in a row as cant miss special events. Why are they cant miss? Why are they special?

In the end, don’t you want to use Facebook and the other social media tools to your advantage? To grow and maintain your fan base? To grow and build sales as well as get people out to shows?

Try to remember that when you are posting. It can help out a great deal.

Also remember, there are millions of others doing the same thing as you. By standing out, acting more professional and showcasing your self in the best way possible, you are going to grab the attention of those existing fans as well as grow a strong fan base that will want to see your pages daily, that will want to know what you are putting up next and will want to stay connected. So do it!



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