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Do you have what it takes to become an indie music blogger?

indie music bloggerBlogging is taking a whole new level these days; everyone has a blog and everyone is a bonafide blogger. However, there are many people actually making a living out of blogging and dedicating their entire time to maintaining various blogs. Music bloggers, for example, are a breed of individuals who do not hesitate to spend hours writing blogs and articles related to various genres of music, artists and aspects of the music industry. Music blogging is time-consuming for various reasons: you can’t blog about something you don’t know, so you need to do your research, know what’s going on in your local scene and learn more about all the new indie artists coming out everyday. So, do you have what it takes to become a indie music blogger?

The first thing you need to know about music blogging is that you’ll spend hundreds of hours learning about music, artists and the local music scene. So, you definitely must have a undying love for music. If you think music blogging is glamorous, stop reading right here and go back to school. Music blogging is fun, sure. But it takes a strong passion for music to even be able to put up with all the work involved behind the scene. Sure, you can blog about the indie bands we already all know about, but no one will read your blog. Blogging about indie music is all about finding out the emerging indie bands, the ones people will want to hear about tomorrow and understand what’s going on in the indie music biz  – you want to find information that no one else has and everybody wants to know. In a way, being a blogger is like being a journalist. You want to be unique and give people a reason to read your posts!

Secondly, don’t consider becoming a music blogger if you’re not interested in going out and attending events and concerts. The one thing about indie music is that it’s not present in the news as much as mainstream label artists. You’ll have to find out the venues and the events focused on indie music and you’ll have to go out. Many bloggers spend as much time attending concerts and hanging out in music venues as they do actually writing and blogging. If you go to bed early and like to stay home, indie music blogging might not exactly be for you.

All in all, music blogging is rewarding, fun and possibly the best gig I ever landed. If you love music and can’t wait to go see that new band your friend told you about performing in town, you might have what it takes to start your own blog or start collaborating on someone else’s blog!



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  1. Señor Cornholio
    Funniest thing I read on the internets for months.  10/10, although I'll pretend not to like it now everyone else does.
  2. Stupefactionblog
    This article is a joke, right?
  3. ooooh! the critics are out in full force today. Guest post anyone?
  4. brittleyouth
    Andrea D hasn't actually included a link to her blog. So I'm guessing the answer to the question is No.