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How Changes to Google Affect Independent Artists

What Google does to the online world is the last thing on your mind. The fact of the matter is that their moves affect everyone trying to market themselves including independent artists.

Who cares? So what?!

You should care about the online trends that are evolving the “Interwebs.” From the SOPA & PIPA bills to the changes Google has implemented, you need to recognize the importance of the news and changes that occur.

If it’s just monitoring our blog or checking credited social media blogs, you need to keep tabs on the game they call online marketing.

Now let’s get to the recent changes to Google.

Google+ is now the featured social network on the search engine. If your band doesn’t have a Google+ business page, create one. The search engine is now considered a “social engine.” Fill out the page completely and apply links to websites you want you fans to find you on.

Google is also knocking websites that apply too many ads to their sites. What does that mean? Who knows…? What we do know is that your indie band or project needs to have a solidified presence on reputable sites that won’t take a hit from the revision.

Keep in mind that these are only a couple of more than 500 changes Google applies each year. So keep your ears perked and be aware of who is changing the game.

Has your online presence been affected by recent changes? Feel free to share more tips and information with other indie artists in the comments section.



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