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Freelance Photographers with a Passion for Live Event, Band and Concert Music Photography

live music concert photographerJust think, a good photograph can make or break whether people will like you, follow you, hire you, feature your music in a magazine, or even just stay on your website long enough to check out your music or read your bio.

Does your image tell a story? Does it portray your artist brand and music accurately? Is it compelling? Does it speak to your music?

Artists will always need photos for general use on the web, press articles, profiles, websites, album arts, promotional shots etc;

Finding just the right music photographer who understands this… and can also bring that conceptual mind image to life while feeding life into your brand should be a top of your to do list as an artist.

To get you started I scoured the web in search of music photographers who are passionate about what they do and specialize in this field. It is a work in progress, but I will continue to add to the list as I go along. If you know of someone who belongs on this list and has their own website, feel free to contact me  music_admin (at) gighive dot com

Live Concert and Band Promotional Photography Raymond Ahner

Raymond Ahner Photography Over the years I have been fortunate enough to combine my passion for live music with my love of photography and have developed a fresh approach to my subjects, as well as a unique eye. And although I will always love shooting the big arena rock show, it is pressed up against the stage in a hot, packed to the rafters club where I am most at home.


Portrait Concert, Live Events Environmental Photography Tara Ashlee Novak

Tara Ashlee Novak PhotographyI have been photographing concerts and my own conceptual ideas since I was 14 years old. Living a mere hour outside of the amazing city of Chicago my whole life, it wasn’t until I turned 18 that I was able to enjoy it to my full potential. I have grown and advanced within my own style and technique. I take everything I know and apply it to my work.


New York Concert Photographer Bryan Kremkau

Photography by SkaPunkPhotosI’m a freelance concert photographer based out of Jersey City, NJ and has been shooting concerts for over 14 years now. Besides shooting for my own website  I’m also a contributing photographer for

I’m available for assignments in the New York City area and would love to shoot concerts and band portraits for you!

Professional Photographer Music, Band & Editorial Photography Marcus Maschwitz

Currently living in London (United Kingdom) and I specialize in Music and Band Photography including live music photography, portrait photography as well as album photography that can be used for artwork as well as marketing.

MARCUS MASCHWITZ PhotographyI have no philosophy about photography. Like writing or breathing air, I just started doing it. And somehow it all seems to work. I love it and have a passion for everything and everyone that I have the privilege of photographing.


Fashion, Events, Concert, Conceptual Photographer  Chazz Gold Photography

I have been doing photography since 1993. When, I bought my first 35mm film camera, an old Pentax k1000. For years I shot black and white film. I would take the streets and take photos of random people. I even did a gallery show at the 111 Minna Gallery/nightclub space in San Francisco CA.  in 1995 titled The Random Goddess.  It was a showcase of my best photography of this style of photographers, with a female DJ lineup in which all sales and proceed went to the breast cancer foundation

Professional Live Concert, Artist & Band Photographer  Jason Wilder

My name is Jason Wilder, I am 29 years old, and I have been photographing live bands and artists since early 2004. I live in Tampa, Florida and cover shows all over the state and beyond. I started in late 2004 to showcase my work to the fans of music and photography. It is pretty much a online portfolio with more photos. I have developed my own style when it comes to live photography and portraits, and I have been published by many magazines such as Guitar World, Spin, etc.

Film Production, Music Photographer, Filmmaker NYC  Josh Rothstein

Photo by Josh RothsteinWhen Filmmaker & Photographer Josh Rothstein first arrived on the scene in the late 90’s he worked as if he had two entirely separate paths- shooting print for some clients and working on film projects with others. A few years ago, however, the stars began to align for multi-platform artists, and Josh’s expertise in both mediums became one of his strongest assets. He is a storyteller by nature, using both mediums to create rugged, tender and very alive images that come out of a deep compassion and curiosity for his subjects.

Entertainment Photographer | Portrait and Band Photo  Jason Paul Roberts

Jason Paul Roberts is a Denver based entertainment photographer specializing in portrait and band photography. Jason’s photographs have been featured in publications such as “Alternative Press”, “Colorado Music Buzz”, “Westword”, and “The Denver Post” to name a few.

Jason also works with record labels, independent musicians, actors and entertainers – providing custom photography for CD and DVD artwork as well as editorial and promotional use.

Music, Advertising & Entertainment Photographer  David Molnar Photography

Music city has been a fantastic launching pad for David who claims to be a secret “scream the lyrics at the top of his lungs in the car” music lover. With clients like Atlantic Records, Sony BMG, EMI, INO Records and artists such as Skillet, Newsboys, Thousand Foot Krutch, Tricia Brock, Hawk Nelson and more, David has honed his skills in the entertainment world. In addition to the entertainment industry, he is also focusing on lifestyle, advertising portraits and landscapes for campaigns like Dolby and Centura Health.

Rock Music Photographer, Live Band Concert Photography  Steve Johnston

Photo-by-Steve-JohnstonSteve Johnston has been involved in live music for over 20 years, playing in rock bands and working in sound reinforcement, stage management and venue promotion. He began photographing established and unsigned bands in 1992, before attaining a degree in photography and establishing a career in web development and marketing.

New York Music Photographer Jacob Blickenstaff

Jacob’s photographs are deep investigations into the hearts and soul of music and its creators. Experienced in both the creative and business sides of music; working with independent artists, record labels, prominent magazines, music blogs, venues, festivals publicity firms and arts organizations

Fine Arts Painter and Music Photographer Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe

Raised in the Deep South music has always been apart of Brandy’s soul and consciousness. A fine arts painter and photographer who is immersed in everything from live performances, rehearsals, recording sessions, music festivals and even musician birthday parties. Her work continues to evolve and explore the deeply rooted stories of life and culture and that it evokes love and compassion in all who view it

Freelance Photographer Graphic Artist and Painter Carlos Roberto Sanchez

My mission statement as a music promoter and photographer is to act as a middleman between the artist and the fans. I aim to bridge this gap with compelling photography that provides ardent supporters with a on stage glimpse of their favorite musicians at work.

Toronto based Band Editorial Fashion and Music Photographer Emma Lee

emma lee photographyA critically acclaimed songwriter herself, Emma-Lee has become the go-to girl for musicians seeking an artist they can truly connect with. Her sharp eye and knack for creating the perfect marriage of image and music result in standout photographs that consistently draw attention.

Promotional Concert Endorsement Photos/ Photography Graham Denzler

As a photographer that currently lives in Durham, NC I specialize in concert and promotional pictures for bands, artists, head shots and endorsement photos.

Since 2002 I have had the opportunity to expand my portfolio and provide one of a kind images to some of my favorite groups in the music industry

Freelance Music Photographer – Blu-ray quality HD Video ShootsCarbieWarbie

CarbieWarbie PhotoEverybody calls me “Carbie”, as in carburettor. I am an in demand freelance music photographer based in Melbourne Rock Central. I am known for getting that “WOW!” photograph at concerts. I also capture Blu-ray quality HD Videos of performances and conduct interviews with the artists




Album Covers, Band and Music Photography Denver Band Photographer Jackie Nuxoll

Jackie Nuxoll is a Colorado band photographer specializing in music photography, concert photography and album art photography. She combines her experience as a fashion photographer with her artistic background to give you creative imagery fit for unique editorial or promotional use. Her photo journalistic style will also reflect your band’s music and personality.

Amanda Shoots Bands Amanda Ratcliffe

amanda shoots bands PhotographyPhotographing established and emerging musicians at a variety of venues and locations around New Zealand, Amanda Ratcliffe is a familiar face on the music scene.  Behind the camera, she is also an album / gig reviewer, radio DJ and NZ music advocate.”





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