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Hailing from the Baltic Music Scene (Lithuania) Post Punk Revival Band “Deeper Upper”

Deeper Upper Indie Band

Formed in 2010, Deeper Upper are a young band from Vilnius, Lithuania, who eclectically mix post-punk influences with modern synth-driven sounds. Daktaras Kestutis (vocals, guitar, keys), Evaldas Arlauskas (keys), Ignas Ivaska (guitar), and Rimas Nasutavicius (drums) played their first gig at a rock contest a few years ago, and won first prize. As winners, Deeper Upper earned a chance to record two songs in a professional recording studio. Soon after, the band would release “Things Behind the Eden doors” and “Last I Saw You, You Were Dreaming of a Blue Sundown”, which earned them their first radio spins, as well as exposure in and out of Lithuania. Throughout the rest of 2011, Deeper Upper played across their home country and released “I Am the Colours”, a single that Mercedes-Benz eventually picked up for one of their promotional mixed tapes. In 2012, the band released their first video, for the single, “In the Sands of a Desert”.

The music scene in the Baltics has received some attention in the past years, and although the guys in Deeper Upper are aware of its influence, they also admit that their environment is somewhat part of the challenge. “It is impossible to know what we would be if we were living in other surroundings. What we do know is that our genre of music is not very popular here,” says guitarist Ignas Ivaska. “That undoubtedly affects the creative process, because trying to give this music to the masses is a little bit like doing Sisyphean work. On the other hand, that influences us a lot because, after all, one of our main objectives is trying to not be the mass.”

Faced with the digitalization and availability of free music, the Deeper Upper seem unruffled, and believe that these changes are something that shouldn’t discourage artists. “We have always seen music as a way to express ourselves, and not a commercial thing,” says keyboardist Evaldas Arlauskas. “Changes in industry and digitalization of music mediums didn’t destroy music industry at all, it made it more consumable. It’s in our nature to use the technologies to reach our listeners and to give away music for free.”

deeper upper musicIn the past year, Deeper Upper played their first international shows, hitting the road to neighboring countries, Latvia and Estonia. Looking ahead, 2013 will likely mean new releases and more touring for Deeper Upper, who seem especially keen on playing internationally again. “We can get really inspired after a good show,” says Arlauskas. “It’s a really great feeling to perform and see how people are getting emotional from what you do on stage. And we are always curious to test new places and see how people will react. After our performances in Latvia and Estonia we were really happy because people there easily caught the mood and danced along.”

“The experience playing abroad was invaluable,” adds Ivaska. “Sharing music with people who know nothing about you is a big challenge, but when you get paid back with big support from them, you realize that you’ll never regret taking that adventure.”

Despite the calling of the road, the band is focused on getting more material recorded and released, for now. “There are plans to make an EP than at the moment,” says Arlauskas. “We always have some touring plans on the horizon, but at some point in time there is a need to sit down and get creative, and make new songs. I think that’s where we are now.”

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  1. Dave
    they sound amazing!!!!