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Goodbye GarageBand! Where To Post And Promote Your Music Online NOW

garagebandAfter more than ten years in business, GarageBand is shutting down. No, not the Mac software. The music website! Geez, don’t you remember GarageBand? was part of the first wave of indie music communities. It was one of the first places where bands could go to post mp3s, and have them submitted to a peer review process. And it was one of the first places where listeners could go to browse through a large collection of unsigned bands. The deal, for artists, was that to post one mp3, you had to review thirty songs by other bands. Way back in 1999 when the website launched, this forced march community participation thing was pretty fresh.

But that was then, and this is now, and there are other options available to indie aritsts (ahem, GigHive, ahem). GarageBand lost a lot of traffic over the last few years because it stopped evolving.  First, the makers of GB created iLike, and then iLike became part of MySpace, and somewhere in there, everybody just moved on.

Will Facebook Competitor Google Me be Indie Artist Friendly?

google-logo_Reports are a brewin’ about  a new “social network” called Google Me after a tweet was posted by Digg’s Kevin Rose. That’s right, Facebook, you allegedly have a competitor being released into the social media realm soon.

It brings me to ask questions about the upcoming social network

Will it be artist friendly? Is there going to be a music player for bands and artists? Are they going to take aspects of Myspace to help the cause?

SonicBids Acquires ArtistData

Match Made in Heaven or Frankenstein’s Monster?

Two major resources for independent musicians have come together this week to create a superpower in online promotional tools. SonicBids, which helps artists find gigs, and ArtistData, which helps artists post and update content online, officially tied the knot yesterday, making ArtistData (and its 25,000 indie users) part of the 245,000-member SonicBids family.

So, Who Are These Guys?

artistdataArtistData is a free (for Basic users) service that allows bands to update and manage multiple online profiles simultaneously. So instead of posting to Twitter, then to Facebook, then to MySpace, then to your personal website, you can do it all at once. Paying members (10 bucks a month for Gold users, 25 for Platinum-types) get extra functionalities, like concert calendars and local media alert tools.

ArtistData CEO Brenden Mulligan will now head SonicBids’ San Francisco office as VP of Strategic Development.

CEO Panos Panay (who you may already know from his blog, Panos’ Brew) says that SonicBids’ mission is “empowering an Artistic Middle Class.”  Essentially, it’s a paid service that gives musicians an arena in which they can vie for gigs, and for opportunities to have songs featured in movies, commercials, and other forms of media.

Twitter For Musicians

twitter_mp3Twitter is a great tool for musicians to market their music, but many musicians are unsure how it can be helpful to them. The typical musician spends much of their time being musically creative, but many musicians who should be using Twitter to market their music aren’t sure where to start or how to use it to its full potential.

Luckily, Twitter is simple and easy. The only work that really needs putting in is a little thought and some time on a regular basis, and I’d like to share a few ways that this popular social network can supercharge your music career:

Find New Fans of Your Music

Many people are on Twitter these days – and many of them are music fans that live in your town, and the cities you visit. With Twitter’s search function, you can find local music lovers who enjoy the style of music that you play. Twitter also allows for two-way communication via replies and direct messages, so you have the opportunity to make true connections.

Social Media Overview

social_media_icons_20Social media is the buzz phrase of the web today, however, ask any two web professionals what “social media” actually is and you will get two differing answers. In fact, social media means different things to different people including the most important group of all, the users.

Users are bringing change to the web because of how their web surfing habits are evolving. This is leading to new and creative ways to satisfy the changing demands for how information and content is searched and used.

Social Media Defined

The World Wide Web was conceived as a medium for information exchange between users, however, it is only with the advent of Social Media innovations this has become reality for ordinary users as individuals and collectives including businesses. Social Media is not defined by “What It Is” but more by “What It Does” – it is the enablement of any user to share information whether uploading it to the web for others or viewing and downloading content for their own use.

3 Simple Steps to Succeed With Your Online Music Promotion

free music downloadsOnline music promotion is an essential part of any artist’s successful marketing campaign in the “new music” business model.

The music business has been forced to change its business model as a result of the internet. This in the long term is good for musician’s bands and artists as they have more control of promoting themselves online using the various platforms of web 2.0 and are not as beholden to record companies as they were.

So how do we market music online?

Why Should Indie Music Artists Utilize Google Buzz?

Google Buzz logo

When people ask me what Google Buzz is, I simply say it’s a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter. You apply live updates to your profile for your followers, similar to Twitter, and then add links or photos. You also have the ability to make your updates public or private.

Why should indie bands or artists use Google Buzz?

It is another excellent way to gain exposure for your band or project. You can apply custom links and have your profile showcased during Google searches of your project’s name.

Having a link back to your Web site is a solid reason to create a Google profile. Google also gives you the ability to add multiple links to your other social media sites, store, blog, etc. For instance, I currently have five links on my profile to the sites I want my followers to visit.

Indie Bands on Chatroulette

In recent weeks, the web’s latest buzz-monster, Chatroulette, has gone from surreal social experiment to the next great way to promote your band.

For those of you living under a rock, a quick update: Chatroulette is an infuriatingly simple, totally genius, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that web application that allows people to randomly connect with each other via webcam. Built by some 17-year old Russian kid who’s now more successful than you or I will ever be. Go on the Chatroulette website, enable your webcam, and you’re instantly connected with some other webcam-abusing hero. Chat away! Show off your junk! Whatever! And when the fun is over, click ‘next’ to move on to another random cam, and a new adventure.

Launched in November 2009, by the beginning of March, Chatroulette was well on its way to having 2 million users, all, ostensibly, looking simply to make a connection.

YouTube - PianoChatImprov_s ChannelBring On The Indie Musicians!

The phenomenon-within-the-phenomenon of Chatroulette artist promotion officially began with the enigmatic Merton, a hoodied pianist who released a YouTube video of himself improvising odes to the random people he encountered on the CR website.