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5 Hot Tips For Musicians Looking Get More Fans And Increase Sales

EmailMarketingOne rule people:

The Size Of Your E-mail List = The Size Of Your Income

So, how big is yours?

Myth: I don’t have any shows to promote. Therefore, I’m not going to do a newsletter.

Reality: 50% or more of the artists that I work with don’t have any shows to promote. Zero, zilch, none…and they still want to be artists in the world getting their music out and heard and liked and listened to (why in the heck would you hire me if you did not want your music out there?).

How Do I Advertise My Freelance Business?

urlProfessionals can not take the challenge of generating a new freelance business on too lightly. Creating a freelance business is exactly that, a “business.”

Overseeing the expansion of your business name is not as hard as you think. Marketing your name has become interactive and the internet is a great place to launch your presence.

The first thing your business should invest in is a company Web site. Producing a link to associate your name to is the best move you can do right off-the-bat.

I recommend that you create a site, because you can control the content on the site and the appearance. There are no terms or regulations that your business is subjected to. Also, you can be sure that your site is utilizing search engine optimization techniques.