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Another Album: Is that the answer? Most of the time….No.

album releaseIf you were packing your car for a cross country trip that you felt you had to make.. whether it was a dream, a desire or a need, here is a question….If you bought a car, bought the supplies for the trip and then started out of ..lets say Boston and then you got as far as New York… Would you take the money you had saved for gas, hotels, food and the remainder of the trip and spend it on another car or if you were running out of money, instead of saving up for those gas, hotel, food and toll costs, would you put it toward a new car?

Not really the most intelligent decision if you answered yes.

It is basically the same exact thing when some one records an album that they want to go the distance with or make a career off of and then decide to jump right back in the studio instead of properly promoting, marketing and advertising it.

Now before you jump on my case, this does not apply to the musicians that just want to record for fun, that do it as a a part time thing or just want to do more recording than traveling, performing or doing it full time.

Plug In Stereo Puts New Album Up for Presale

The acoustic pop sensation, Plug In Stereo – also known as 17-year-old wunderkind Trevor Dahl, has his new album up for presale. The official release for Nothing to Something is April 12.

The first 200 preorders include this amazing bundle: one copy of Nothing to Something CD, autographed booklet, one oversized poster, one download of the record delivered at midnight on April 11, 2011, one limited edition metallic logo pin and the purchaser will also be entered to win a little song about you from Trevor.

The Damnwells Stream Tracks of Previous Albums for Free

Indie band The Damnwells have posted a collection of albums on their website for their fans’ listening pleasure. All six albums have been applied on their “Releases” page. The five previous albums have available tracks including a spot for the new album, No One Listens to the Band Anymore. According to their site, the album will be released on March 15, 2011.

The band is also giving away a free download of a new track called, “She Goes Around,” when you sign up for their PledgeMusic mailing list.

The Damnwells recently released a video for their first single, “Werewolves,” (Indie Band The Damnwells Showcase Video for New Single) off their forthcoming album, No One Listens To The Band Anymore. The independent band will release the new album via PledgeMusic Records – Poor Man’s Records.

Indie Band The Russian Futurists New Album is Out Now

The Russian Futurists new album The Weight’s on the Wheels is out now and they’ll be playing a handful of dates beginning with tonight at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

The Toronto based indie artist aka Matthew Adam Hart produced the new album with the aid of Michael Musmanno (Outkast, Lilys, Arrested Development) and sonically takes his sound out of the bedroom and onto the airwaves.  The Weight’s On The Wheels captures the Futurists in full pop regalia from start to finish.

The Russian Futurists released his debut album The Method of Modern Love on Upper Class nearly a decade ago and quickly caught the ear of musicians and critics alike earning Matthew Adam Hart comparisons to Magnetic Fields and Flaming Lips, raves from Pitchfork, SPIN, The Guardian and XLR8R and praise from established acts Blur, REM and Snow Patrol.

Featured Interview: Scott Smith of Megaphone

MegaphoneFor the hard rock quartet Megaphone, the mission has been simple: Saving rock n’ roll from the machine, and bringing it back to where it should be – loud, catchy and in your face. It’s obvious they’re succeeding with that mission due to a huge draw in their native Orlando, Florida, extensive radio play, and gigs opening for arena headliners and festival appearances. With their new album, Exit Silent Mode, filled to the brim with unforgettable hooks, melodies and songs, Megaphone is poised to take everything about their band to the next level.

The following is an interview on Megaphone’s experience of getting their music onto the infamous Rock Band game.

Q) How did you get involved in the Rock Band project?

Indie Artist Sora Releases Third Album Heartwood

SoraheartwoodcoverIf you’re standing in a forest, tilting your head way back to glimpse the tops of all those majestic, thickly trunked trees, it’s just impossible not to be moved by their centuries-old resilience; the stoic strength that sees them through even the harshest storms that Mother Nature can unleash.

Yet locked deep within the core of each of those mighty oaks and towering sequoias is something even stronger than their outwardly impressive surface layers: the heartwood.

A tree’s densest, most durable—and often most beautiful—element, the heartwood is the robust, knotty marrow that keeps it standing proud and tall for all to marvel at. And not only is Heartwood also the name of Canadian singer-songwriter Sora’s astonishing third release, it’s as well the perfect metaphor for her music: gorgeous, rich, endlessly enduring.

Pianist Klay D-C Weaves Fusion Rhythms with Ritmo

klaycoverRaised in the 60s by free-spirited artists living like gypsies in picturesque locations like Cheyene Walk, Chelsea or Cornwall, Klay D-C (AKA Klay Dumas-Copas) is a master of creating musical tapestries that are full of flavor and life. His latest solo release, Ritmo, is a magical musical journey that combines technical prowess with an ear for colorful melodies.

A natural story-teller, the first track, “Mungabunga,” introduces us to a soft acoustic piano before blossoming into a wiggy, upbeat number garnished with salsa rhythms. The totally unexpected arrangement dances between the acoustic piano and electric instruments (guitar and bass) in a melodic tease that excites and intoxicates.

Indie Band Phoenix to Play The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

PhoenixAlbumPhoenix will be returning to the states this winter and making a stop at The Joint on January 28.

2009 has been a career-defining year for the band with the release of their critically acclaimed album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Selling more than 200,000 copies to date, WAP is being heralded as one of the best albums of the year. These incredible songs spring to life even more so on stage, with dynamic guitars, infectious choruses and addictive rhythms building to sheer exhilaration as the audience rides Phoenix’s sonic high.